What Epoxy Floor Product Is Right For Me?

All epoxy floor products are made from two different ingredients; the first is some resin and the other a hardener that will activate that resin. Whenever both ingredients react together, the chemical reaction allows the product to harden and form a perfect epoxy.

However, there are several different variations of the same product, and each one is different, and they will work differently for different types of floors.

Two-Part Epoxy Floor Coatings

The first type of two-part epoxy floor coatings are 100% solid and don’t have any solvents inside of the mixture. This coating provides an attractive finish on concrete floors and hardens very quickly. It is the most expensive option of epoxy and is the best for concrete.

Another type of two-part epoxy floor coating is water-based two-part epoxy floor coating. These epoxies do contain water as a solvent. The water makes the epoxy easy to work with and spread on the floor, but the layer of protection is much thinner than the type without the solvent.

One Part Epoxy Floor Coatings

epoxy floor products

Since all epoxy floor products are made of two parts (resin and a hardener), the one part epoxy floor coatings are not true epoxies. It is instead a form of paint. It is the fastest option and dries to the touch once applied in around an hour, and it is also the cheapest method to use.

Which One Will Work For Me?

It will depend on the amount of use your garage floor sees. If you are in the garage every single day, then a two-part epoxy floor coating with no solvents is the best. For garages that see very little use, then a one-part floor coating can provide a cheap layer of protection for your floor.