Janitor At Your Service

Good day, Sir. Good day Madam. I am your new janitor. I am at your service. If you can remember that far back, then you could concur. Janitors were rather polite gentlemen. They were always so helpful as well. They would always be the first to arrive and the last to leave, long, long after the school bell went off. Indeed, the school principal would often include the under-qualified janitor as an important member of the school’s staff body. Today, however, not much has changed. Janitorial services in Cleveland, OH are still as clean as ever.

In more ways than one as it turns out. Clean in the sense that satisfied customers are being blown away with extremely clean better than expected clean premises. The janitorial services do have high standards to uphold. And clean in the sense that the janitorial staff are always well behaved. It would have been expected from the old school cleaners. These are habits that they grew up with. They are well-accustomed to being well-mannered and polite. Or should that be; Were. Were in the sense that many of them would have been sent off to greener pastures.

Janitorial services in Cleveland, OH

Janitorial services work can be backbreaking at times. No complaints; just saying. These days, you might well find much younger staffers doing the rounds. But what can be expected from them in terms of good behavior and good work rates? Well, in the first place, no new recruit should be getting past the job approval window until such time that he has been fully vetted. And should he be given the all clear, there is more than likely training to be done. A lot of these young guys could still be new to hardy cleaning.

And treating customers well.